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Abssac printed matter

Where ever possible Abssac will be using recycled paper for all of its brochures, mail shots and business cards from March 2009.
Wednesday 25th March 2009

Green rulers for marketing tools

Abssac has long given rulers and pens out as free marketing tools at exhibitions and product seminars. However, Abssac has recently commissioned a plastic ruler manufacturer to supply such items as they used recycled CD cases for the base material.  Abssac will continue to look at other recycled products to suit this marketing purpose.
Friday 13th February 2009

Towards the carbon neutral factory

So how can a simple item like a flexible shaft coupling reduce energy consumption for manufacturers? In essence it is all down to how efficiently they transmit the required torque through a desired misalignment. Energy is lost in numerous ways as they absorb the three main shaft misalignment's of angular, parallel or skewed.
Friday 6th February 2009

Environmentally Friendly Goods

When searching for environmentally friendly goods to be used within the office, there are many good items available and we do not compromise on quality or pay more. Research reported by the Environment Agency in January 2005 indicated that there was a clear link between sound environmental practice and business financial performance.
Friday 16th January 2009

Efficient Air Conditioning and Heating

Abssac has installed reverse cycle air conditioning and heating units which are both economical and highly efficient. The intelligent heating system actually absorb heat from the outside and transfers that in side and then switches to a low power setting when the desired temperature is reached.
Friday 16th January 2009