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Congratulations ! 11th out of 57 in 2021 season

Congratulations to Mike Tustin ending his season P11 overall, out of 57 registered riders in the Ducatti tri options cup. What a fantastic acheivement. As Mike states in his year revew. " My burning desire to race again in 2022 is bigger than ever, and I still absolutely love the thrill of racing at the British Championship.
Monday 8th November 2021

Reverse engineered at ABSSAC

Abssac recently supplied a set of truly massive rolled lead screws for a cable winding machine refurbishment. Using a 160mm diameter by 16mm lead, the large lead screws were supplied with machined ends and ready to fit. Using its POWER SCREW range of products, the application was a retrofit for some existing screws.
Thursday 28th October 2021

Motion Club Newsletter 2021

The annual ABSSAC Motion Club Newsletter is always kept short and informative, whilst hopefully remaining worthwhile to anyone who is a user or buyer of linear and rotary power transmission equipment.  The newsletter predominantly looks at some product advances we have made as well as some product placement examples.
Monday 4th October 2021

Our new machine is part of the long-term vision

Working closely with our customers to supply a finished ready to fit linear product, not only reduces their scrap rates, but also ensures that the lead screw and nut fit tolerances are maintained every time....
Monday 20th September 2021

Reigning R&G Ducati Shield champ Michael Tustin

Reigning R&G Ducati Shield champ Michael Tustin is making the switch to a Ducati Panigale V2 for the 2021 , as he joins the AH Performance team.  "I'm looking forward to riding the Panigale V2 this year and we've joined up with AH Performance. I had a cracking year last year, winning the R...
Thursday 29th July 2021

NEW ROMI GL250M CNC Turning Centre at ABSSAC

Extremely impressed with our new machine. The ROMI GL250M transforms our machining scope and capability and training is now well underway. The ROMI GL250M CNC Turning Centre offers: A2-6” Spindle 65mm Bar Capacity. Fanuc 0i-TF HMI CNC Control with 15” Touchscreen display.
Thursday 10th June 2021