Thursday 7th August 2008

The smallest ball screw in the world

A small claim to fame....Abssac is now supplying what is believed to be the world's smallest precision tolerance ball screw and nut assembly. With an amazing screw diameter of only 1.8mm and a lead of 0.5mm the new miniature ball screw range is ideally suited to the ever-smaller requirements of medical, optical and military application requirements.

Using a ground screw format the carbuerised steel ball screw is supplied complete with journal ends machined to suit standard radial block bearings. A standard a 6mm diameter nut body is used to house the 0.4mm diameter ball bearings, which are captivated in a recirculating ball nut design. Remarkably, the new product range offers a C3-05 accuracy grade ( i.e. 0.005mm axial play). Fixing the nut to the application is made simple by a range of flange sizes

Mr. Phil Jones at Abssac limited says, " This new range is ideally suited to optical devises or miniaturized positioning equipment. We required a range of miniature ball screws to supply the demand, as manufacturing designs get smaller and demand more accuracy. We can now offer a way of supplying what the designer has previously not been able to source."

For further information please contact our sales department or just give us a call on 01386 421005.

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