Friday 4th March 2022

Surface treatment process change: Miki Pulley Shaft Coupling Type ALS/AL model

Target models:  Couplings: ALS-040/055/065/080-R/Y/B - All standard hubs, both hubs for Key set type and Clamping type are the target. Shaft Coupling: AL-035-110 (All size)

Change point:

The surface treatment of current model is barrel polishing. The change is decided in consideration of the environmental impact of the waste liquid treatment generated by the barrel polishing process. The process of surface treatment is changed into shot-blast for the above target. The current hubs of the ALS coupling for not-listed size have been treated by shot-blast process since released for sales.  The current model will be switched to the new one as soon as possible, following the process of surface treatment change. The current hub can be used together with new hub as the component of complete model. There are no changes to product functionality or performance and the new model is a  “Green” eco-friendly model.


Change of process is scheduled as of March 2022, and the sale of current model will end when all the stock has been sold.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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