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Abssac Newsletter : April 2012

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Jaw CouplingAbssac has invested heavily in stocking both hubs and spiders for the industry standard jaw shaft coupling.

These are low cost, no fuss shaft couplings. Type HKK jaw shaft couplings are available in cast iron and aluminium. All hubs are stocked with bore and keyways, to suit shaft sizes from 6mm to 60mm or supplied pilot bored. Rated from 10Nm up to 665Nm, they are a direct alternative to other industrial jaw couplings.

From stock, the curved jaw coupling design consists of an elastic ‘spider’ and two hubs. The spider, made of an advanced polyurethane material, provides dampening of impulse loads, minimising shock to the motor. These spiders allow the user to customise the jaw coupling’s performance. Selecting a soft spider will give the jaw coupling the greatest dampening characteristics, while a hard spider will provide the greatest torque capacity.

Larger sizes are available on request. Please call one of our sales engineers to ensure correct product selection.

Marcel's on the move

Marcel Garvey and Simon CattleWe are proud at Abssac to have sponsored fast winger Marcel Garvey at Premiership rugby club Worcester Warriors. Marcel has decided to leave Warriors at the end of the current season, where his raw pace and finishing skills have made him a dangerous opponent. He has been one of the top try scorers for the club over the past six years.

Abssac’s precision products and Marcel’s dynamic performance has been an excellent match and we wish him continued success in the future wherever his career takes him.

of leadscrews


We have recently committed resources to stocking trapezoidal thread form power screws and nuts, in what is viewed as a very competitive move in the market.

Our stock now includes three-metre lengths of leadscrews in diameters of 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 40mm and 50mm, in both right and left-handed formats. The leadscrews are complemented by a range of flanged or non-flanged bronze nuts, as well as round, hex and square steel nuts. Abssac is also offering a free cut-to-length service on all the screws.

As Phil Jones of our linear product sales team says, “Abssac is committed to reducing the unit prices of both leadscrews and nuts, and having this additional stock means that we can now service the demands of our customers better.”


Abssac Products Spanning 30 Years

Abssac 30 YearsTaking our first steps in 1982, we have grown into one of the leading suppliers of linear, rotary and specialist power transmission products in Europe.

As Abssac enters a fourth decade here in Evesham, you can be sure we will continue to do our utmost to provide our customers with excellent quality, comprehensive choice, keenly competitive prices, fast delivery…and superlative service and technical support.

Look out for further initiatives in 2012 as we celebrate our 30 years in business.

Abssac Products Overview

Products with
RED HOT Performance

Mars RoverAbssac has been the UK distributor for Helical Products Company for 30 years, during which time many specialist applications have been developed and supplied using their unique products. Several of their parts are now on NASA’s latest space explorer, the Mars Science Laboratory ‘Curiosity’ Rover. Working closely with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a number of flexible couplings and machined springs have been designed and specified. To be chosen to support such a venture naturally requires extreme confidence in mission critical parts.

Among these parts is a custom flexible coupling used in the vibration mechanism in the Sample Acquisition & Sample Processing and Handling (SASPaH) subsystem at the end of the robotic arm. This system, located at the front of the Rover, will be responsible for gathering soil samples from Mars’ rocky surface. Vibration, aided by the flexible coupling, will be utilised to pass the powder through sifters and ultimately through the sampling system. These particles will then be processed and examined by the Rover’s analytical instruments.

In addition to flexible couplings, the Curiosity Rover is also equipped with several helical machined springs. These particular devices are used as a locking latch in the rocket deploy pivot mechanism. Once the Rover is deployed on Mars, the pivot will rotate and the latch locked in place. The people at Helical Products were able to design the spring to meet the customer’s requirements for compression and lateral translation spring rates, end attachments, and titanium material for its lightweight characteristic. With this design, a very reliable and elegant solution was created. The double-start flexure adds redundancy and confidence that the spring will operate the latch. The spring also showcases the advantage of Helical Products’ technology in combining a number of components and features into one part that further increases reliability – a major concern for the Mars Rover, especially as parts won’t be serviceable.

This Rover is the biggest one yet to roam the Red Planet, measuring up to the size of an average car. Mars Curiosity will be joining Mars Opportunity, which has been exploring the alien world since January 2004. The new Rover is due to land in the Gale crater by August 2012.

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NUTS working harder

Abssac Nut DesignAnother satisfied customer for Abssac required a more sophisticated nut design for use within a hot glue gun dispensing machine.

Supplying a specially designed bronze nut to match a 20mm diameter by 4mm lead trapezoidal power screw, the bronze nut was then meticulously separated into two working halves. When the two halves were brought together via a precision slide arrangement, also supplied by Abssac, the nut functioned in complete confidence as if it were whole.

The captivated nut, which also allowed the mounting of a dispensing glue gun, could then traverse the screw length as normal. The hot glue was accurately dispensed, but then at the end of travel the nut separated and returned quickly to the start position. This meant that the screw required only one direction of travel and reduced the cycle time for the glue head to return to the start position.

To date, we have supplied many bespoke nut designs, including optical mounts, cams, external threads, mounting holes, pulley grooves, tangs and linear guides to name a few. Leadscrew sizes range in diameter from 1mm up to 100mm, with a wide array of both metric and imperial leads per diameter. Nuts can be manufactured in just about any machineable material including bronze, steel and advanced plastics such as Delrin, PTFE and Turcite.

Should you wish to discuss a linear application, why not call our linear expert Phil Jones on 01386 421005.

Shaft Couplings on BUDGET

High Precision
Ball Screws


Offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of ball screws in the UK, Abssac’s miniature ball screws utilise precision ground ball nuts, running on either precision rolled screws or ground screw stock depending on the repeatable accuracy required.

All our precision ball screws are assembled and inspected in a temperature controlled factory that ensures fit tolerance control prior to delivery. Combine this with our facility to supply the screws with end journal machining, and we can deliver ball screws to meet individual requirements as a guaranteed finished product. In some cases, we can explore and create special ball nut designs to suit the more demanding application.

Available in steel or stainless steel as standard, a high efficiency cumulative lead error of C7 can be achieved on the rolled product, and depending on thread length and diameter C0 for the ground stock.

Superb quality, reliability and fast delivery are synonymous with Abssac’s precision ball screw range.

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Are you looking for a shaft coupling supplier who can supply what you need from stock?

Budgetbeam is a flexible shaft coupling that addresses the requirement for high torsional stiffness yet low cost in a single piece construction. It’s ideal for applications where zero backlash and constant velocity torque transmission are required. At Abssac, we revised the basic helical beam style shaft coupling and have achieved extraordinary parameters with the new double start helical beam design. As standard, all Budgetbeam models compensate for the three major shaft misalignments of angular, parallel and skewed offsets, unlike lesser shaft couplings. Since the design has two equidistant flexible helical beam elements, the product retains excellent rational balance. Maximum rpm is rated at 10,000 as standard. The Budgetbeam shaft coupling is manufactured from low inertia aluminium and is available in set screw or unique integral clamp shaft configuration. There are four basic blank sizes, which are delivered in straight-through bore diameters from 3mm to 12mm.

Ideal applications include encoder, resolver, stepper motor and small electric motor axis drives. Most importantly, employing new production techniques allows Budgetbeam to offer all these advantages at an extremely competitive price. The Budgetbeam shaft coupling will always be in stock because of our continuous stocking regime.

Budgetbeam goes head to head with other beam, bellows or x-slot shaft coupling designs on performance, price and delivery. All Budgetbeam products are also quality assured by the latest BS EN ISO9001: 2000 standard.

Budgetbeam Shaft Couplings

Tel: 01386 421005  :  Email: sales@abssac.co.uk  :  Web: www.abssac.co.uk

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