Thursday 1st March 2018

The Metric Twin


In what essentially is a design engineer’s ideal solution for a mechanical clamping device, the Helix Linear twin screws allow matched, accurate and reliable dual opposing linear motion from a single lead screw rotating in one direction. 

Available through ABSSAC, the range of "twin screws" are matched screw threads that are manufactured from high alloy steels and available in acme and trapezoidal thread forms 6 to 38mm diameter.  The product is ideal for delivering precision clamping in applications such as packaging to scientific operations. The product is also ideally suited to food processing applications, for example, where belt width adjustment if often required.

The full range of performance nuts can be used with the “twin screws” which are manufactured from Acetal plastics and bronze. The diverse range is a formidable linear solution to a multitude of linear applications.

 Let us assist you with your linear challenges.





Key Products points

·         4140 alloy or stainless steel materials

·         Available with bronze or Helix Acetal nuts

·         H10X PTFE coating available

·         End machining available

·         Custom lengths available

·         Custom nuts available on request

·         Additional sizes available on request

·         Complete assemblies of bearing, rails and motor mounts are also available


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