Saturday 1st December 2007

TB Woods mechanical product range at Abssac

The name TB Wood's has long been associated with quality, in both products and customer care, whether it's their made to order or their standard power transmission equipment. Product ranges include Sheaves, Belts, Pulleys, Bushes, Flexible Shaft Couplings and Clutches.

When this is put together with Abssac Limited, itself well known as a specialist in motion control, you get a winning combination. Abssac has been TB Woods sole UK distributor for over 25 years for the complete mechanical range of TB Wood's products. As a company, Abssac offers full technical on-site advice and product selection for your specific requirements, backed up by EN ISO9000 quality assurance.

TB Wood's, original and guaranteed products are durable and competitively priced. They include the full range of flexible couplings, such as, SURE-FLEX, DURA-FLEX, FORM-FLEX AND L -JAW, these are available complete and bored to your individual requirements. Alternatively, individual parts such as sleeves, elements or hubs can be supplied. There is no minimum order level.

They also have the ability to supply specialist, high torque, large D.B.S.E. FORMFLEX couplings manufactured to your requirements, which can handle up to 226,000 Nm of torque.

You may on the other hand just need a bolt, or, flex disc pack for your FORMFLEX coupling, Abssac would be delighted to help you with this. The bespoke service can also offer two piece Sheaves, extending up to 3 metres in diameter.

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