Friday 17th September 2010


Looking for a competitive quote. At Abssac we stock up to 3 meter lengths of  trapezoidal thread form power screws and nuts in both right and left handed formats.  Abssac is committed to reducing the unit prices of its linear products.  Also stocking flanged or non flanged Bronze nuts as well as round, hex and square steel nuts.

Trapezoidal thread Right Hand Left Hand Right Hand Left Hand
Diameter Lead C15 Steel C15 Steel 304 St St 304 St St
10mm 3mm      
12mm 3mm
16mm 4mm
20mm 4mm
20mm 8mm      
22mm 5mm    
24mm 5mm    
26mm 5mm      
30mm 6mm      
32mm 6mm      
36mm 6mm      
40mm 7mm      
50mm 8mm      
Available =         

 For further details on the power screw product please contact our sales office on 01386 421005 or follow the link to Power Screws