Wednesday 4th July 2012

One Piece 90 degree flexible shaft coupling......

Most flexible shaft coupling designs rely on a number of moving parts to enable the transmission of torque through a high angular offset.  In fact it is true to say that the greater the offset, the greater amounts of moving parts are required to accommodate that misalignment. The more parts you have in a motion design the more backlash.

The Helical shaft coupling as a standard can allow up to 5 degrees of angular misalignment but by adding more coils  it can become an advanced solution that can accommodate up to 90° of angular misalignment. Uniquely, this is from a single piece of material.
The performance capability of each coupling is determined by six major characteristics:  Outside diameter, Inside diameter, Coil thickness, Material, Number of coils, and finally the number of starts. By altering these characteristics, torque capacity, angular and parallel misalignment capabilities, torsional and lateral bending rates of shaft couplings can be modified to suit specific specifications and/or requirements.

In many cases, the high angular shaft offset couplings are manufactured from stainless steel so are ideal for medical, food processing or any clean room environment applications as the product does not require any lubrication.  More or less any type of machineable material  can be used, including plastics.

The design engineer also  benefits by being offered the opportunity to use an infinite choice of end attachments or the capability to amalgamate other parts of the mechanism in to the drive design.
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