Tuesday 27th September 2011

Niche ball screw

Do you currently use ground ball screws ? Are you looking for a lower cost alternative? If so the range of precision rolled ball screws that operate just below the accuracy grades of ground ball screw assemblies might be of interest.

By using precision ground ball nuts and then pairing them with precision cold rolled ball screws, can provide lead accuracies of less than 52 microns of error 300mm.  Abssac can supply outside diameters in the range from 4mm to 25mm with a range of leads per diameter. Due to the rolling process taking considerably less time than the ground ball screw manufacturing operation, the delivery time is also significantly reduced.

Abssac’s ball screw customers are also requesting that we supply pre-machined, ready to fit assemblies, as this has been found to not only eliminate potential scrap rates but also ensures that the assemblies are supplied and certified with the accuracy tolerances for the customer. Why not give us a call to discuss where this product can help you +44 (0)1386 421005