Saturday 2nd January 2016

More Thrust in 2016

 4 x the thrust to be correct.  The satellite roller screw is used to transform rotary movements into linear movements or vice versa. Using precision, load bearing, rollers instead of ball bearings in the nut housing can achieve incredible accuracy and longevity of service. The captivated rollers are constantly engaged with the threads of the screw which results in a high number of contact points between the screw and nut therefore allowing allowing greater axial load capacity.

Offering a full custom machining capability, ABSSAC has supplied ground format satellite roller screws for many years, where expertise and product knowledge has allowed the product to be used within numerous critical applications.  Applications have been as diverse as replacing the hydraulic legs on flight simulators to zero backlash 10x1 preloaded G1 (6microns per 300mm lead accuracy) accuracy roller screws used above earth’s atmosphere.

The satellite roller screw product can definitely take linear challenges to the next level. By offering high load capacity, reliability and acute accuracy a roller screw design will always transmit more load than a ball screw nut assembly size for size.  If an application requires a high linear load to be repeatedly moved at speed but the design is constrained by space, the satellite roller screw program is ideal. 

If you are designing a linear system maybe it’s worth having a look at this truly capable product.

For further details on this innovative product follow the link: Roller Screws