Thursday 30th June 2016

Farnborough Airshow 2016

If you can't make the journey to the forthcoming Farnborough Air show then it will be worth looking at the show edition of Aerospace Manufacturing. On page 47, of the digital version, there is a particularly interesting section on the unique machined spring products that is worth a perusal.

For those engineers familiar with the traditional wound spring format ABSSAC are offering a new way of looking at both spring performance as well as attachment. As the name suggests, the spring is machined from one piece of material with remarkable results. With machined springs all the usual types of spring format are available to cope with the most demanding extension, compression, torsion, and lateral bending and translation spring applications.  Machined Springs offer superior function and inherent versatility.

Call ABSSAC on 01386 421005 for further details or visit the informative web page here