Thursday 25th April 2019

Climate test chamber at ETP - What else can we do for you!

Our long term partner ETP Transmission AB of Sweden has developed and manufactured hydraulic hub-shaft connections for more than 40 years under the brand name ETP. Building up a unique worldwide knowledge and leading position within the hydraulic fastening and centering field.  With our latest generation CTS climatic test cabinets, not only temperature but also humidity stress factors can be simulated and the results taken into account in any standard or customized ETP product. In many cases being able to test products to such a degree reduces the unknown environmental impacts on a product before it is fitted into an application.  The CTS cabinet can run test cycles between - 40 to +120 degrees C. This ability fits nicely into the fact that we do not just supply a innovative product, we also back up all statements with substantive tests. -  What else can we do for you?

Makes us your partners of choice in the search for the right partners for your next project. Our design engineers are deployed in engineering projects in many various sectors such as:

Continuous development with customers, where ETP contribute with wide application knowledge and calculation assistance, has resulted in a steady flow of new products, both standard and customized designs. As you already know - It takes just a few seconds to get perfect centering and fastening of your components when using an ETP. The extremely high precision achieved by using ETP results in minimal concentric runout and unrivalled repeatability. Our customers and worldwide users can confirm what this means in terms of dramatically improved cost-effectiveness. We are also experienced specialists for your next project.

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