Monday 12th October 2009

Clever connection

Abssac’s Helical Beam shaft couplings can take the hassle out of connecting drive shafts. Commonly used as one of the best ways of transmitting rotation from one shaft to another without backlash or torque loss, the way in which you attach the part to the application has often been left to simple locking devices such as a grub screw or locking clamp. At Abssac, we offer a way of integrating the design engineers own end attachment into the standard shaft coupling design, but maintaining a one piece construction. Our goal is to supply a ready to fit single solution.

The photograph demonstrates a standard stainless steel shaft coupling that has been modified to incorporate a manual locating drive tang at the one end. This adaptation of the standard design not only reduced the amount of parts required in the drive design but also enhanced its performance due to its reliability. End attachments such as, splines, gears, timing belts, clutches, threaded bores can also be added to the basic design for very little additional cost.

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