Wednesday 24th September 2008

Best of British thread forms

If you are looking for a UK lead screw supplier, look no further than Abssac Limited. The company employs whirling or milling techniques to supply acme and trapezoidal screw thread forms.  Abssac can quickly supply screw diameters from 4mm to 200mm with a choice of leads per diameter.  A full range of Turcite, Delrin and Phosper Bronze nuts can be supplied to suit the large range of screws in either antibacklash or standard thread mount styles.

The company also has the capability to manufacture bespoke thread forms to suit individual applications as well as tap and ensure the correct fit tolerances on the associated nuts they supply. By supplying ready to fit linear assemblies Abssac claims they can reduce their customers machined lead screw scrap rates to zero.

A recent winner of the Pharmatex innovation award Abssac continues to expand its linear products into all market sectors.

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