Thursday 18th June 2015

Arduous plastic shaft coupling in critical application

Abssac has recently supplied its one piece plastic injection moulded shaft couplings for a  motor gearbox to gear box connection for an overhead hoist for lifting and moving disabled children and adults in private homes and schools.

The unit can lift up to 200kg and the Abssac coupling was chosen for it efficient power transmission while having no wearing parts.  The shaft coupling provides silent operation and good reliability. The shaft coupling also acts as a safety critical feature as failure will render the hoist in operable. Testing to the hoist standards has shown that the standard GJ8mm-8mm coupling is actually capable of more than twice the required lift cycles which gave the customer great confidence in field use. The project is currently in the final testing phase and is hoped to be launched to market later in the year. The GJ series are available in a large variety of bore combinations from 1.5mm to 12.00mm.

The low cost, reliable, zero backlash shaft coupling uses the latest injection moulding techniques to ensure a premium product. There are three basic models capable of transmitting torques up to 8 kg/cm through 8 degrees of angular misalignment. Some of the plastics compositions are also reinforced with glass fibre to give it a higher torque capability.

Call Stacey for further information on the plastic injection moulded shaft couplings on 01386 421005 or following the link for further details - Plastic Shaft Couplings