Available on 6mm to 16mm diameter ground ball screw stock with 2mm to 5mm lead variants. A double nut/sleeve design with an intergral keyway slot within the nut housing for attachment purposes. The  two cylindrical nuts have predermined spacer inserted between them to apply a preload. The double nut design also enhances rigidity of the driven system.  Available with repeatable accuracy of  C3 (zerobacklash) or C5 (5 micron maximum backlash). For more performance data, aswell as further screw and nut dimensions please see our catalogue.

Product typeModelNom Shaft dia
Hor. Capacity
Vert. Capacity
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0602A6.02.007501200Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0602B6.02.009801600Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0602.5A6.02.507501200Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0802A(1)8.02.008501600Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0802B(1)8.02.0011002200Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0802A(2)8.02.0018503000Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0802B(2)8.02.0024004100Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0802.5A8.02.5018503000Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0802.5B8.02.5024004100Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0803A8.03.0026004200Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS0803B8.03.0035005700Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1002A10.02.0021003800Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1002B10.02.0027005300Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1002.5A10.02.5021003800Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1002.5B10.02.5027005300Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1003A10.03.0030005200Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1003B10.03.0039007200Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1004A10.04.0030005200Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1202B12.02.0030006400Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1202.5B12.02.5030006400Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1203B12.03.0043008700Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1204B12.04.00540010200Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1402B14.02.0032007500Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1402.5B14.02.5032007500Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1403B14.03.00460010100Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1404B14.04.00570011600Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1405B14.05.00570011600Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1602B16.02.0034008600Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1602.5B16.02.5034008600Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1603B16.03.00490011600Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1604B16.04.00620013600Preload
Precision Ball ScrewSWBS1605B16.05.00910018200Preload



Linear guides and rails

Guides & RailsIf you are interested in the using the ball screw ranges, do not forget that we also supply the full range of linear guides and rails which can provide the load support in your linear mechanism. Offering excellent rigidity and parallelism during operation the guides can be used in both vertical and horizontal planes.

Following the link to that product page Guides

Thrust and radial bearings


Please do not forget to ask for our competitive support bearing prices !

 If you require further technical information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales engineers who will be more than happy to help you with your selection.

Greases and Lubricants

We provide a full range of quality, low cost lubricants for all our linear products including low vapour pressure greases for clean room and vacuum applications. For example the new Trigel line is specifically formulated to offer a lubrication solution for a wide range of linear motion applications. Please ask for further details.  Grease features include, Temperature range -30°C to 150°C,  Revolutionary multi-complex soap technology, Greatly extended lubrication intervals typically 3 times longer than conventional soap thickened greases. Good corrosion resistance. Some greases are supplied blue in colour for high visibility.

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