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Ball Screws


Over 30 years of experience, Abssac offers you one of the most comprehensive ranges of precision ball screws in the UK.

Whether your requirement is for a precision rolled or precision ground ball screw, Abssac can assist you in specifying the right part for the application. Once the ball screw has been specified, we can then offer a very cost effective end journal machining facility, which enables us to deliver the ball screws ready to fit thrust or radial bearings, eliminating your potential scrap rates. Abssac welcomes the opportunity to develop linear solutions within tight cost budgets.

Precision Rolled

Put simply, the rolling process forms a thread for less cost than a ground one. Ball screws that have been cold rolled formed are ideal for applications that do not require the finite accuracy of the ground ball screw equivalents, but are still required to reliably transmit an axial load with a high degree of accuracy.

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Precision rolled ball screws still achieve accuracies of C7-20 (that's 52 microns per 300mm of cumulative lead accuracy - 20 microns of axial backlash).

Precision Ground

Ball screws that have been formed by a grinding process are used where acute linear accuracy is paramount within the application. We offer a quality program of diameter and lead combinations with a variety of ball nut styles.

NEW An end deflection series, which recirculates the ball bearings in the end plate of the ball nut has recently been developed. This design reduces the diameter of the ball nut. The new FEB and FDB series are available in diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12mm with leads ranging from 2.5 to 10mm. As standard this new series offers a lead accuracy of C3 and C5 in a ground format or C7 and C10 in the rolled format.

NEW A stainless rolled steel ball screw available in 6, 8 and 10mm diameter with leads of either 1 or 2mm called the SUS series, capable of transmitting dynamic loads up to 2300N, the standard product is hardened to HRC55. Standard screw lengths which can be supplied machined ready to fit into an application are 300mm for the 6mm diameter and 400mm for the 8 and 10mm diameters.

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NEW Abssac is now supplying what is believed to be the world's smallest precision ball screw and nut assembly. With an amazing screw diameter of only 1.8mm and lead of 0.5mm, the new miniature ball screw range is ideally suited to the ever-smaller requirements of medical, optical and military application requirements. Using a ground screw format, the hardened steel ball screw can be supplied complete with machined journal ends.

A standard 6mm diameter nut body is used to house the 0.4mm diameter ball bearings, which are captivated in a recirculating ball nut design. Remarkably, the new product range offers a C3-05 accuracy grade (i.e. 0.005mm axial play). Fixing the nut to the application is made simply by a range of nut flange sizes.

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  1.8 - 80mm diameter

  Zero backlash models

  High load capacity models

  Machined to your specification

  Stainless steel versions

  Ground & Precision rolled versions

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