Simple Shaft Coupling Selector

Wednesday 22nd February 2017
Simple Shaft Coupling Selector

Take the worry out of your shaft coupling selection by using our on line "coupling selector. The on-line feature allows you to specifiy your own shaft coupling, step-by-step, by entering bore sizes, attachment and desired material. The simple to use on-line selector is designed to allow you to choose from range of  standard bore combinations, attachment styles and material choices.  

Heli-Cal Shaft couplings are an essential part of any rotary device where you need to connect two shafts that a misaligned. For example, an electric motor or feedback device such as an encoder or resolver  The couplings single piece construction delivers minimal torsional wind up, whilst simultaneously compensating for angular, parallel and skewed shaft misalignments.

Available in Stainless Steel (or Aluminium) as standard with both metric and imperial bores sizes are stocked and are ready to be delivered.

Give it a go at the Shaft Coupling Selector


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