ABSSAC 2020 Jaw shaft coupling

  • Published: Monday 16th December 2019
  • Updated: Friday 7th May 2021

The jaw coupling design has been used as a versatile application option, delivering a robust design and dampening features. The simple construction effectively sandwiches the centre of the shaft coupling using an element (or spider; made of polyurethane elastomer) between two hubs. The Elements are available in two different hardnesses so that a selection dependant on torque transmission responsiveness and amount of misalignment can be made. The polyurethane elastomer used in the element enables double the torque transmission of our previous jaw coupling (Miki Pulley comparison) and since the design pre-compresses the element, it can also be used to deliver rotation without backlash. Aluminum alloy is used as the hub material. The hub may be coupled to the shaft either by key way or by integral clamp.