Point of Purchase display solutions, constant and variable force springs.

Abssac offers constant and variable force springs for every application.

Constant force springs provide a smooth and efficient force for moving product in a P-O-P (point-of-purchase) slide tray, regardless of whether the tray is made of plastic, wire or corrugated material.

Variable force springs are recommended for applications where a stronger force is initially required to move the product. As the product is removed, the variable force spring automatically adjusts to the lighter load, which provides smooth product transition.

Free samples and sample kits of these springs are always in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We can also assist you in selecting the right spring. Simply send us samples of your trays and product, and we will ensure that the correct spring is precisely selected for your needs.

There is a wide range of standard end fittings to choose from, or we can custom design and manufacture an end fitting for your application. We ship in any quantity, from just a few to millions and offer the fastest lead times in the industry.

Point of Purchase (PoP) Display Products

SLIDELINE™ Pusher SystemsSLIDELINE™ Pusher Systems
SLIDELINE™ Pusher Systems maintain appealing merchandise displays that are organized, efficient and attractive. When a product is taken from these neatly aligned display trays, spring tension automatically repositions the row of products and the next item is automatically pushed to the front. SLIDELINE Pusher Systems can be customized to fit any shelf size and fixture configuration.

SLIDELINE™ and Reel Retrievers are compact, unobtrusive elements that are securely fastened to the P-O-P display and contain spring-loaded, retracting cable assemblies. The reusable cable ends are positively attached to the product, enabling customers to handle display items in stores while the products remain sercure and displays are kept in order. These versatile, efficient devices offer theft-deterrence and customer convenience for P-O-P displays, with cable lengths available in 6" to 72".

Reel Retriever productsThe Mini Reel is our small profile solution for projects requiring maximum security with minimum space. The compact design has a slim profile that provides the same security as our full size Reel Retriever.

All models are available with any of the following fittings: small eyelet, large eyelet, round dome, loop, ball, crimp, spring, reusable and our new self-centering magnetic end.

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