In addition to our standard product range, numerous special versions are also available.   We will be happy to advise you and find exactly the right solution for your application.  With the simple addition of special end attachments, or perhaps an unusual physical length, we can deliver a product using standard production techniques. Keeping costs down and utilising well over 35 years of application experience  makes ABSSAC  the perfect partner for your needs. Set us the challenge!

Linearfedern Gruppenfoto_inline.jpgLinear Springs using slot technology - Innovative Compression Springs

One Spring - endless possibilities

Linear springs are used in a multitude of applications .Using the slot technology as a compressive unit, it is possible to design the perfect spring with a precise spring rate for almost every application. These special springs come with higher stiffness then comparable belleville springs or coil springs. This makes the linear spring a perfect partner for the more challenging applications in many different market sectors. Give us a call to discuss where we can help.


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