Precision Rolled - The 60 degree fine thread product is commonly used in linear motion to provide fine adjustment.
Standard Features:

  • Metric  Profile thread sizes range between M2.0X.0.40 and Tr 16X2.0.
  • The lead accuracy is 0.08mm per 30cm max.
  • Standard material is 300 series Stainless Steel.
  • Surface roughness is a burnished 16 finish or better.
  • We offer many  custom thread forms which are available upon request.


Metric threaded screws (mm)

Precision rolled METRIC threads have a 60 degree metric  thread fit in the standard 303 Stainless Steel material. The lead error over the length of the rod is 0.3mm maximum per 300mm

Our standard Anti-Backlash lead nuts are available in several thread forms. The anti-backlash feature compensates for clearance or wear between the leadscrew and nut when reversing the direction of movement. Abssac offers standard leadnut and lead nut assemblies in many designs and thread forms. However, we  also welcome inquiries for special nut designs. Lead nuts are available in other materials upon request.

Standard Features:

  • Turcite™ X polymer nuts in Plain or Anti-Backlash design.
  • Lead nuts are available in ACME, Unified National V, Metric V, and Trapezoidal (Metric Acme) thread forms.
  • Optional Flanges can be assembled to our Plain or Anti-Backlash nuts for additional mounting options.
ScrewsAvailable Nuts
Thread NameDia.
Matching AB NutMatching ABF NutMatching ABFT NutMatching SN NutMatching SNAB NutMatching SNF NutBronze NutRound FlangeRectangle FlangeLarge Triangle FlangeSmall Triangle Flange
Matching ABT NutMatching ABF NutMatching ABFT NutMatching SN NutMatching SNAB NutMatching SNF NutBronze NutRound FlangeRectangle FlangeLarge Triangle FlangeSmall Triangle Flange
M3 x 0.5030.5       
M4 x 0.7040.7       
M5 x 0.8050.8       
M6 x 1.061  
M8 x 1.081       
M8 x 1.2581.25       
M10 X 1.25101.25       
M10 x 1.50101.5       
M10 x 2102    
M10 x 310.003.00    
M10 x 510.005.00    
M10 x 1010.0010.00    
M10 x 2010.0020.00    
M10 x 3510.0035.00    
M12 x 1.50121.5        
M12 x 1.75121.75        
M12 x 312.003.00     
M12 x 412.004.00     
M12 x 512.005.00     
M12 x 612.006.00     
M12 x 1012.0010.00     
M12 x 1512.0015.00     
M12 x 2512.0025.00     
M12 x 4512.0045.00     
M14 x 2.0142        
M16 x 1.50161.5        
M16 x 2.0162        
M16 x 416.004.00     
M16 x 516.005.00     
M16 x 816.008.00     
M16 x 1616.0016.00     
M16 x 2516.0025.00     
M16 x 3516.0035.00     
M20 x 420.004.00    
M20 x 820.008.00     
M20 x 1220.0012.00     
M20 x 1620.0016.00     
M20 x 2020.0020.00     
M20 x 4520.0045.00     
M24 x 524.005.00      
Key:   • Available


Flange Mounts

An optional flange that can be installed on our line of Plain and Anti-Backlash lead nuts for additional mounting options.
Standard Features:

  • Flange Mounts made from black acetyl plastic.
  • Designed for use with our Plain(PL) and Anti-Backlash(AB) Nuts without an Integral Flange(IFL) 

Linear guides and rails

Guides & RailsIf you are interested in the using the metric screw ranges, do not forget that we also supply the full range of linear guides and rails which can provide the load support in your linear mechanism. Offering excellent rigidity and parallelism during operation the guides can be used in both vertical and horizontal planes.

Following the link to that product page Guides

Thrust and radial bearings


Please do not forget to ask for our competitive support bearing prices !

 If you require further technical information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales engineers who will be more than happy to help you with your selection.

Greases and Lubricants

We provide a full range of quality, low cost lubricants for all our linear products including low vapour pressure greases for clean room and vacuum applications. For example the new Trigel line is specifically formulated to offer a lubrication solution for a wide range of linear motion applications. Please ask for further details.  Grease features include, Temperature range -30°C to 150°C,  Revolutionary multi-complex soap technology, Greatly extended lubrication intervals typically 3 times longer than conventional soap thickened greases. Good corrosion resistance. Some greases are supplied blue in colour for high visibility.

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