Abssac is in the unique position of being able to research and develop special types of thread forms that meet your exact requirements. We are capable of making tooling if a special thread form with a specific lead (or pitch) if required.  We are also capable of assisting you with a leadscrew assembly design and provide first article inspection for your approval. Abssac’s engineering staff will provide you with important concepts to optimise the design phase of your product. We offer a Precision thread rolling service.  If our standard thread styles and forms do not quite fit what you are looking for, we can provide a thread form that exactly fits your specification. Most common thread forms are the acme or trapezoidal but Abssac can also supply multi-start or special thread profile requirements. The engineering department welcomes enquiries for special and exotic thread forms can provide first article inspection certification if required.

Special nut designs

When you want a more sophisticated nut design the chances are the part has more importance in the workings of the machine. By supplying both the screw and nut from the one source, Abssac Limited can eliminate this area of potential trouble. The designer can also utilise the experience of Abssac's engineers to incorporate many features into the nut design in complete confidence. To date many bespoke nut designs have been supplied, including optical mounts, cams, external threads, mounting holes, pulley grooves, tangs and linear guides to name a few. Lead screw sizes range from 1mm diameter up to 100mm with a wide range of both metric and imperial leads per diameter. Nuts can be manufactured in just about any machinable material including Bronze, steels and advanced plastics such as Delrin, PTFE or Turcite. We have recently supplied a bespoke nut design for an engraving machine manufacturer who required a Turcite nut design to incorporate a square rigid body, 6 locating holes of differing diameter and a linear guide slot on the traversing head.

Miniature Perfection

Abssac is well known for its quality power screws ranging from about 16mm up to 200mm in diameter, but an often little known side of the company is its capability to supply precision miniature cold rolled formed lead screws and nuts. When dealing with screw diameters from 2mm up to 6mm the key is in the manufacturing technique to ensure thread integrity and lead accuracy. Applications are numerous and Abssac has found its products being supplied to different markets such as medical, defence and robotics around the world. In each case, whether it is a single start or multi helix thread form, linear run out and concentricity of the thread is maintained to a precision classification. Miniature lead screws have been supplied in both Steel and Stainless Steel and on some occasions in plastics.

Matching the screw to a suitable nut is also taken care of by the knowledgeable application engineers at Abssac who ensure performance orientated nut designs at competitive costs. Miniature lead screw applications require smooth operation and low frictional drag due to physically smaller drives with torque limitations. Ensuring the fit between the nut and screw threads is of paramount importance as any small errors in these areas can lead to torque spikes during operation. Then finally you look at how to attach the nut to the application. Can we add tangs, levers, external threads etc. to make the part do more. The next time you have a miniature application that requires the translation of rotary input to linear output then perhaps give Abssac a call.

Further services

We offer manufacturing services for complete turn-key lead screw assemblies to your specifications. Precision CNC machining services transform our standard thread products into your proprietary designs. Let us optimise the function of your leadscrew product by having your engineering department collaborate with Abssac during the design phase of your linear motion application.We also welcome replication work. You may have an old acme screw that needs replacing but have no technical drawing specifications to work from. We can help.

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