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New kid on the block
The New Spinplus

If you use servomotors, there's a new shaft coupling that addresses the known limitations of other beam, bellows, pin or laminate disc style shaft couplings.

The new Spinplus is slight in dimension and vast in performance and is the ideal precision shaft coupling for highly dynamic applications. Whether it is to be precisely positioned, assembled or measured the new Spinplus is latest flexible shaft coupling innovation. When developing the Spinplus, the main focus was to achieve the lowest possible moment of inertia for the coupling, which is especially advantageous for quick bidirectional torque transmission. The unique function of the internal flexible element manufactured through a modern MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) process, allows for the shaft displacement compensation. As a result, an immediate technical advantage is achieved which allows for a very compact design

capable of transmitting high torque, with maximum torsional rigidity and a minimised moment of inertia.

Precise, torsionally stiff and backlash-free

Combine the mechanical advantage with a newly developed and innovative hub design highlights further optimisation for the lowest moment of inertia concept. The clamp hubs reduce the mass moment of inertia significantly compared to conventional hubs on the market. To adapt to the respective application requirements, two hub versions are available.


Performance Guaranteed -

Should the application be performance-orientated, the Semiflex® is designed specifically for reliability in the more arduous application. The Semiflex® precision shaft coupling is both torsionally stiff but has incredibly small radial restoring forces. In applications where shaft alignment cannot be guaranteed due to various scenarios such as manufacturing tolerances, assembly procedures, wear, or operational specifics, Semiflex® offers high radial shaft misalignment compensation in a compact design.

Affordable shaft connection -

The Controlflex® shaft coupling has been designed and developed specifically with shaft encoders in mind. The unique and integral functional element accommodates all kinds of shaft misalignment but also exhibits

What makes the shaft coupling unique is the transmission of the rotary motion and torque takes place within the coupling through two pairs of parallel links arranged at 90° to each other.
The lateral displacement compensation takes place through a swivelling movement of the needle bearing parallel link rods on the connecting bolts that are located within the internal discs. Innovatively, synchronisation between driver and driven ends is therefore guaranteed despite abnormal parallel shaft displacement.

Semiflex® is a symbiosis of performance, compact design and generous misalignment capacity available in a choice of materials including Stainless Steel. Torque capacity dependant on model is 44 Nm to 14,500 Nm. Bore diameter up to 120 mm can be accommodated.

very low parallel, angular and skewed restoring forces, making it ideal for both encoder and tachometer use. The compact design consists of two anodised aluminium hubs and a unique middle element that transmits rotation with constant velocity.

Controlflex® is easy to install, and can act as an electrically insulator between shafts if required. As standard the shaft couplings are balanced for high rpm applications up to 25.000 rpm. This includes the quick and easy clamp style hub versions. There are four series of these encoder suited couplings for different application requirements. The Standard series is the choice for all standard encoders and tachometers, offering outer diameters ranging from 19 mm to 37 mm.

The series accommodates a maximum radial misalignment capacity depending on size up to 1 mm and a maximum angular misalignment capacity up to 1.5 Degrees. Standard bore combinations range from 3 mm up to 20 mm and are from stock at Abssac.


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