Thermoplastic ball screw

Thursday 1st July 2010
Thermoplastic ball screw

Abssac continues to be the centre of linear technical innovation for the UK. In 2010 we launched the smallest ball screw on the market which has a mere 1.8mm screw diameter. Abssac is now proud to offer a complete ball screw and nut assembly manufactured entirely out of thermoplastic. Proving that innovative suppliers can adapt to market changes, the reality of a totally plastic ball screw is opening up endless practical uses. 

As with the metallic ball screw there is a choice of materials that can be used but are dependant on application parameters. For a lower cost, we consider using the thermoplastic Polymide (PA) or Polyacetal (POM) as a base material. In some applications the DuPont material Vespel® can be been utilised, which not only offers maximum strength and durability but effectively reduces  frictional and parasitic energy losses in the transmission components. The new capability delivers lightweight linear accuracy with miniature inertial properties.

The thermoplastic ball screw does not require lubrication and would be ideal for applications such as clean room, anti-magnetic, surgical, aquatic and corrosive environments (marine).  If you consider that a plastic ball screw might aid your current linear design, then we would be pleased to hear from you.

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Testing the Thermoplastic ball screw underwater

Image V palstic ball screw tank1