MW Industries, Inc. offers both automated and manual hand coil capability in the manufacture of hot wound (or hot coil) springs.

MW Industries, Inc. has been producing hot wound springs (also known as hot coil springs, hot compression springs, or hot helical springs) and related products, for more than 70 years at our Matthew Warren Spring facility in Logansport, Indiana and our Pontotoc Spring facility in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Our commitment to quality, technology, process improvement and our customers, has made us a premier supplier within the industry.

Compression, extension, torsion...springs of all shapes, sizes and even colours. We can meet the needs of any application.

MW Industries can boast the largest stock spring selection in the world with over 35 thousand designs, and 300 million springs in inventory (standard and metric dimensions).

MWI divisions manufacture a full range of coil springs, including compression, extension, torsion, and double torsion configurations and can design and manufacture a spring for your specific application in any quantity, from prototype to full production volumes.

The Carbon Composite Bellows™ Spring (CCBS) is a system of carbon fibre elements that combine to work as a high performance, light weight and design flexible compression spring. Meant to replace conventional coil springs or metallic Belleville disc springs by offering value through unique dynamic characteristics and unparalleled in-the-field design flexibility, the Carbon Composite Bellows Spring offers new solutions to old challenges. 

A functional spring is made from several individual elements, paired in sets and joined to make a stack.

Benefits of Titanium Spring Design

Weight Reduction
The most widely recognised reason to use titanium over steel in a spring application is to lower the overall weight of the end product. Titanium springs can routinely weigh anywhere from 40-60% less than a steel spring used in the same application.

Point of Purchase display solutions, constant and variable force springs.

Abssac offers constant and variable force springs for every application.

Constant force springs provide a smooth and efficient force for moving product in a P-O-P (point-of-purchase) slide tray, regardless of whether the tray is made of plastic, wire or corrugated material.

Variable force springs are recommended for applications where a stronger force is initially required to move the product. As the product is removed, the variable force spring automatically adjusts to the lighter load, which provides smooth product transition.

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