ABSSAC has a truly extensive range of lead screws, acme threads, ball screws and satellite roller screws along with their associated nuts and bearings. We have been assisting engineers specify the correct linear products for well over 35 years. Our fast turnaround machine shop can supply end journals that are ready to fit directly into your application and help reduce your scrap rates.

Let us help you find the right product for the right price, including support bearings, racks and splines and other related ancillary products.

Whether a simple shaft coupling, a universal joint or a complicated torque device, Abssac has one of the largest rotary product ranges on the market . We stock and supply the unique Schmidt Offset coupling range, the extremely adaptable Helical beam product as well as the complete all performing ASK slot coupling. Additionally, we stock, Bellows, Jaw and metal disc couplings.

When looking at shaft attachment, the ETP hydraulic clamping bushes, allow quick assembly, dis-assembly and positioning of rotating shafts.

If you are stretching the boundaries of engineering design and require some form of rotary or linear solution we can help.

For example, if you have a large load to move in a linear direction, but are limited by physical space, then the satellite roller screw is worth investigating. Perhaps you use traditional wound springs, but require more accurate performance, the machined spring alternative might be of interest. Alternatively if you are looking for bespoke metallic shapes that cannot be supplied by traditional machining methods, the electro deposition products might suit your requirements.  Set us the challenge.

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